Coaching with Purpose

Coaching for Purpose’ provides a 360 look at coaching through a 20 hour blended (or virtual) programme.
Delivered by 123 People Development, in partnership with AQR International, delegates will discover a
a measurable shift in behaviours and provide evidence of improved coaching skills and techniques.October 2020 course runs from 21st October to 21st January 2021.

21st October – 1st 3-hour session -9 -12.   26th October 1st 4-hour session 9 -1.30.   30th October 2nd 4-hour session 1.00 – 5.30.   2nd November 3rd 4-hour session 9 -1.30.  6th November 4th 4-hour session 9 -1.30.  21 January 2021 final 2-hour session 9 -11.

Any questions, contact us on the number above ☝ or fill in the form below 👇also for more information about the course,  check out our brochure