Coaching with Purpose

Leaders of people who want to get the best out of their teams, develop staff and improve relationships and, of course, improve performance

If you want a 360 look at coaching using MTQ PLUS Mental Toughness psychometric measure, together with an ILM 72 Leadership Style analysis, then this 19-hour blended learning programme delivered by 123 People Development in partnership with AQR International will demonstrate a measurable shift in behaviours and provide evidence of improved coaching techniques, resulting in a globally recognised Level 3 Foundation quality award in Coaching with the EMCC.

The MTQ Plus psychometric is a valid and reliable measure which assesses your level of mental toughness on each of the component scales. The ILM72 is a seventy-two item questionnaire which produces output on both leadership style and leadership effectiveness factors. The measure produces development reports for individuals, for coaches/managers as well as generating questions for reflection and understanding.

EMCC EQA. This is an independent quality award awarded to providers of mentoring/coaching training to make their qualifications/training widely and immediately recognisable. This is through linking them to recognised professional standards. It is an integral and essential step on the path to establishing the professional credibility and status of mentoring/coaching.

Why choose 123?

  • We Work Together

    By listening carefully to your needs and identifying your aspirations, we ensure that we work together in a collaborative way.

  • Increase In Sales

    We don't believe in training for the sake of training. Instead we like to demonstrate that our training will deliver your business increased sales and profit.

  • Happy Clients

    We are totally committed to add value training that is commercially viable - and that is the reason why our clients come back to us time after time.