Customer service

Customer service seems to be a word bandied around a lot these days, but what does it really mean for you and your business?

We feel to offer a superb customer journey, you need first to understand the customers and what they really want. This way as a business you can be confident that the customers are going to return.

It is expensive to win a new customer, therefore doesn’t it make sense to retain your customers and resell to them time and time again?  How many repeat buy?  How do you measure customer retention?  How do you measure customer satisfaction and what do you do with the results?

With such a competitive marketplace and customer service been at the forefront of feedback with NPS scores and customer service surveys. What really is the best way to service your customers?

We offer simple but effective tailored events/courses to suit your specific needs that will hone in on the points that are affecting your customer feedback scores or gaps in knowledge providing your team with the skills that will drive performance and deliver exceptional results.

Our aim is to make your customers part of your sales team.

Here's what people are saying

Najat Rizk, Serial Entrepreneur | Media & Communication Expert | Advisor

“Coaching with Purpose has been one of the most enjoyable and enriching programs I have attended in a very long time.
The structure of the program and the material shared throughout the days were well-thought-of and extremely motivating. It was highly interactive with a big variety of exercises. The participants were immediately put at ease and we were, very early on,  seen sharing a lot of insights from our different backgrounds.
Samantha, the coach, was one of the best I have ever seen, engaging, kind, energetic, giving all the extra materials and stories needed with no restriction, fun and serious at the same time, which is for me a deadly combination. Learning while enjoying every second.
It was truly a memorable program, that I am hoping it will be developed into a longer cycle. I will be the first to sign up."

Jill Galvin, USS

“Wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for an excellent programme that you delivered to our L&D team.
I was impressed with how you consulted with me to create a bespoke solution to our learning needs, every aspect was considered and included in the programme, thank you.
We appreciated your wealth of experience on designing, delivering and evaluating online learning interventions.
The session was interactive, informative, educational and memorable, a great combination!
You role modelled exactly what we are looking to emulate here – excellent job!
Thanks again”

Dave Stevens, USS

“I mentioned you/called out one of your many training light bulb moments only yesterday, whilst discussing ideas for producing online video-bite modules with Jill and Sebastian. It’s definitely easier to listen to someone like your excellent self when they are saying something constructive, something practical that makes sense. It’s like in the movie Jerry Maguire where Renee Zellweger says to Tom Cruise, ‘You had me at hello’.
As soon as you started feeding through initiatives that I could digest and understand, you had me! It’s wonderful to be won over rather than have someone preach ideas (that you’re not quite sure of) at you.”

Sonia from AQR international

“I attended the Coaching with Purpose pilot programme back in February and I am so glad I did! Sam is an amazing facilitator and trainer, I can't rate her highly enough. From start to finish the quality of the delivery was up there with the best I've ever received. If you are looking for someone to simply 'tell' you everything you need to know, then this might not be the course for you. Sam is so clever in the way that she extracts the knowledge from the group - helping you to feel empowered every step of the way.
The content of the course is up to date and relevant, and gave me the confidence I needed to further develop my coaching skills. It was also a great opportunity to meet likeminded people, who were a great support, not only on the course itself but afterwards too. This is a great way to gain a quality network of coaching friends with whom you can develop together.
Attending the course is only the beginning. Sam is with you every step of the way afterwards to, supporting you in getting your EIA award.
A great programme for anyone wanting to get into coaching, or for existing coaches to professionalise their coaching practice.”

James Mullholland, Flight simulator instructor at Ravenair Flying School

“It is fair to say Sam is an absolute expert in her field! Sam came into Ravenair Flying School and delivered Customer Service training, self-motivation technique’s and self-improver training. I can say for certain that I would not have been as successful with my customers from selling more Simulator Sessions to also improving the experience I was able to offer the customer when they were with me. Through Sam’s infectious energy, up-to-date industry leading knowledge and creative approach I was able to understand my customers wishes and break down the relationship of staff member/customer to two people with the same interest and passion. This allowed the customer to trust my advice and not only improved sales for the company but also led to me having many personalised reviews on trip advisor which improved the companies reputation within the North of England.”

Our awards and accreditation partners

We are a partner of the AQR, and a member of EMCC which allows us to grant the accreditation to a high standard. This means that you can rest assured that your new qualification is accredited and secured by independent bodies.

European Individual Accreditation (EIA)

The EIA is an internationally recognised award that demonstrates that an individual practising as a professional mentor/coach has the appropriate level of knowledge and the ability to apply it effectively in his/her practice.

The EIA sets very high standards and is recognised as a quality mentor/coach accreditation in the marketplace. It raises standards and professionalism in mentoring/coaching by:

Setting high standards in assessment
Measuring ability against our evidence-based competence framework
Using reliable and rigorous assessment processes
Demanding a professional, reflective approach
Ensuring a commitment to continuing development.

European Quality Award (EQA)

The benchmark quality standard for mentoring/coaching training programmes, EQA ensures that successful students meet the research-based competence standards presented in the EMCC Competency Framework. The EQA is valid for five years at which point renewal is required.

EMCC’s European Quality Award (EQA) offers the marketplace the much needed framework to enable the quality of mentoring/coaching services to meet and be recognised for meeting high quality standards of the profession.

Mentoring/coaching training organisations may apply for their programmes to be awarded at one of four levels- we currently offer foundation level awards with higher programmes coming soon.


AQR’s goal is to make high quality psychometric tools and assessments accessible to users of all types – managers, trainers, coaches and teachers – to support them in making better decisions about people. In turn leading to more effective intervention and development.

This means they ensure that AQR’s assessments are:

Easy to understand by both users and test takers
Designed to be easy to administer & manage
Designed to support quality feedback to the test taker

Carefully designed and accessible assessments enable the user to carry out two key tasks:

Diagnosis – To make better decisions to be made about people and their skills, attributes and behaviour. This enables users to select interventions more accurately. This helps to measure change or progress around mindset, attributes and behaviour

Evaluation – To measure the effectiveness of interventions or training and development programmes and assess return on investment

Meet theTeam

Erica Farmer

15 years of delivering learning and development and apprenticeships across a range of organisations, both large and small. I know what you’re thinking - I don’t look old enough, however the Devon air and a love of laughter has a lot to answer for! These experiences have... given me the confidence, skill and courage to add value to the bottom line by challenging the norm and trying something different to get the required results. During my career I’ve seen companies invest time, money and resource in large and costly training programmes with a hope of this achieving maximum results; however, this has taught me that although the intention of learning professionals is always a good one, sometimes over ambition and a lust for creativity in training can get in the way of the real goal. The key is to focus on engagement, intent, implementation and impact, this is what makes the real difference.

Sam Sloan

As a passionate developer of people with over 13 years Coaching facilitation, design and training experience across a wide range of sectors, from financial services, contact centre to retail, Sam loves working with clients where her skills, knowledge, flexibility... and commitment will make a real difference. Recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Sam understands that development can be tailored to any organisation for a true return on investment, by focusing on the business culture, behaviour and strategic goals. Sam’s additional expertise is online delivery, design and accreditation of others. She has over 10 years’ experience in the online classroom arena and has developed hundreds of people ensuring they provide impactful and outcome-focused learning in their sectors. In her spare time she is learning to fly light aircraft and when not in the air herself, you will find her at the end of a runway watching!

Graham Hyde

Graham is a highly effective, organised and values coach and learning facilitator. With a wealth of experience in delivering strategic visions through the conception, implementation and leadership of organisational development and coaching programmes.

Ronnie Garrod

IT Support Team- Ronnie has supported businesses over the last 26 years in a wide range of IT solutions. He thinks out of the box and pushes the boundaries of limitations of all things tech. Very quick response time (in the next room)!

Sharon Flint

Administrator- Sharon is methodical and measured in her approach to admin, she supports 123 superbly and is a total asset, in her spare time she likes to come flying with us!

Our awards and accreditation partners

Our awards and accreditation partners

Why choose 123?

  • We Work Together

    By listening carefully to your needs and identifying your aspirations, we ensure that we work together in a collaborative way.

  • Increase In Sales

    We don't believe in training for the sake of training. Instead we like to demonstrate that our training will deliver your business increased sales and profit.

  • Happy Clients

    We are totally committed to add value training that is commercially viable - and that is the reason why our clients come back to us time after time.